Summary Matthew 7:13-14


Both BARNABAS and CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA linked Psalm 1:1 to the “broad way” in this passage.
Some of the early Christians had much to say about the two ways.
The two ways have also been called the way of light and the way of darkness (BARNABAS, IRENAEUS, ORIGEN),
the way of life and the way of death (THE DIDACHE, IRENAEUS, LACTANTIUS),
the angels of the Lord and the angels of Satan (BARNABAS, HERMAS, ORIGEN),
the way to heaven and the way to hell (IRENAEUS, HIPPOLYTUS, LACTANTIUS),
or the twofold desire (HERMAS).
Those who believe in Him are those who walk in the straight and narrow way, which leads to life, and which is found by few (ORIGEN).

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